Technology Update


2012 brought the addition to our office, the most exciting piece of technology we've ever seen - a Zeiss operating microscope.

The Zeiss Pro Ergo is the most advanced dental microscope made. It allows Dr. Pearce to see things in your mouth and work at a level that is impossible without it. Imagine the difference between working with your naked eye vs. five, ten or even twenty times magnification! With a dental drill rotating at 200,000 RPM or a razor-sharp scalpel in your mouth, being able to see a clearly magnified image of your tooth or gum is a huge (no pun intended) advantage. Microscopic dentistry means a more accurate diagnosis and more precise treatment.

Another advantage for you is the ability to see your treatment live as Dr. Pearce and Tammy perform any dental procedure in your mouth on our new ceiling mounted TVs (if you want! - You can also watch a movie). 


In June we added  the Iveri In Office Whitening System.  This new technology is far superior to other in office systems that we have used in the past. Why? First, it's FAST! -  15 Minutes in the chair per whitening session! Second, there is virtually no sensitivity! Finally, its affordable! Less than take-home whitening kits that we used to provide. Feel free to call the office for more information on the Iveri Whitening System. 


In 2011 we added the VelScope  oral cancer screening light. As seen on Dr. Oz, The Doctors and other TV shows, this light adds another weapon in the war against oral cancer. Combined with normal visual and palpation tests, the VelScope™ allows us to see early stage changes in cells, potentially leading to an early diagnosis and increasing the chance of successful treatment.This test is done at every new patient examination and annually at hygiene visits at no charge to any patient.


In 2010 we added  soft tissue lasers to our office.  This new technology is used by both Crissy and Dr. Bastian to treat your gum tissues in a variety of different ways.  

Dr. Bastian can use the laser to cosmetically reshape gum tissue, remove gum lesions and eliminate frena ( those pesky muscle attachments that can tie your tongue to the floor of your mouth or cause your front teeth to separate). Many times these procedures can be completed without freezing!

Our hygienist, Crissy, has been certified in the use of the laser.  She uses it routinely to reduce the number of bacteria in patient's gum pockets that are a factor in gum disease. She can also use it to desensitize teeth, and treat apthous ulcers (those really sore white patches that you get on your cheeks and tongue) and cold sores to make them heal faster.


This year we switched to digital x-rays.  What does this mean?  For you, the patient, this means up to 80% less radiation than the already low level used by standard dental x-ray film. Also, no more waiting several minutes for your x-rays to develop or trying to see a tiny spot on your tiny x-ray to see that cavity that the dentist is telling you about. Your x-ray can be projected in seconds on a computer monitor or TV screen so that you can actually see it!

In addition, no film means no lead in film packets or developing chemicals to be disposed of in landfills, sewers or sent to hazardous waste facilities.


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